Following the successful opening of the d’Arenberg Cube in McLaren Vale, the winery continues to challenge convention with the redesign and launch of a new product, available exclusively for purchase at cellar door.

In 1984, 15 barrels of very old, high quality fortified wine were set aside and left to slowly mature, topped up when necessary, using only the same, carefully aged wine.
Only two barrels remain. With an average age of over fifty years, the wine is wonderfully rich and concentrated, hand bottled as required, and released only in tiny quantities.

The solera of old wines has been going since 1928. The original fruit was handled with the same gentle and traditional techniques still used in the winery today, foot treading and basket pressing. To ensure sweetness and alcohol mingle harmoniously, fermentation was stopped by adding grape spirit, creating a balanced wine of great concentration, to be pressed and aged in casks. The Daddy Long Legs exhibits a level of intensity and complexity that can only be achieved with time. Decadent, to say the least.

The story behind the name. 

The barrel shed that houses this wine is inhabited by hundreds of Daddy Long Leg spiders, who have kept a watchful eye over these barrels for decades. This wine is extra rare and only a very small quantity has been bottled, making it a very unique release.

The characteristics.

The weight of history imposes itself upon you when tasting this wine. As winemakers, we know that there are no modern tricks that enable us to produce a wine of this style quickly. Time and patience are our only tools. With each year that has passed, the Daddy Long Legs has taken another step in its evolution, culminating in this extraordinarily complex, rich and decedent tawny.
The nose bursts full throttle out of the glass. We’re hit by a multitude of aromas, candied walnuts, dates, prunes, burnt sugar and baking spices. The palate is full, rich and viscous. Mouth coating and sweet like maple syrup, the charm and warmth of baked
figs and Christmas pudding and the added complexity of grilled almonds and rich beef stock. Decidedly rancio and fully evolved, but somehow with a freshness that belies its years. A long and warm finish caps of this vinous journey.
Take your time to fully appreciate the ethereal nature of the Daddy Long Legs, the limited nature of this wine means it may just be your only chance.

Available exclusively for purchase through the d’Arenberg cellar door. RRP $500.