Semillon Savignon Blanc 2015

A heady mix of complexity and decadence, with citrus blossom, fresh grass and marmalade mixing with ripe tropical fruits.

Lemon curd and tropical fruits spring from the glass. A subtle cut hay character props up upon further inspection. The palate, while thick and luscious, has a beautifully racy line of acid adding freshness and ensuring balance. More lemon curd flavours are enhanced by a range of other fruits including gooseberry, cumquat, green apple and mixed peel. This wine is wonderfully complex and indulgent with a subtle edge. Our lasting impressions are again influenced by the bright acidity which ensures a clean, crisp finish with persistence of the delightful fruit characters minus any cloying sensation.



Botrytis Cinerea, affectionately known as Noble Rot, weakens grape skins causing water to evaporate which results in sweet, concentrated flavours. These shrivelled berries are basket pressed before a long fermentation, resulting in a luscious wine with intense richness and viscosity.


Chester Osborn & Jack Walton

The scientific name for Botrytis is Botryotinia Fuckeliana, named in honour of German botanist, Karl Fuckel. Living off a vineyard he acquired in the 1850's, Fuckel dedicated his life to the scientific study of plants.

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