Established 1912

The Love Grass Shiraz 2012

McLaren Vale Shiraz with a twist....

The Story Behind The Name

Love Grass grows wildly in the vineyards surrounding the winery. During vintage, the sticky, long stemmed flowers of the Love Grass affectionately attach themselves to the vineyard workers’ socks. They even get caught in the coat of the winery dog, Coco, and have to be brushed out by chief winemaker, Chester Osborn. The additional varieties in this wine cling to Shiraz the same way that the Love Grass does, making a complex and food friendly Shiraz that is only found at the d’Arenberg cellar door and selected restaurants.

The Characteristics

Initially the nose is dominated by lifted Shiraz notes of sweet, purple plums and rich, dark liquorice. As the wine opens, the cocktail of varieties clinging to the Shiraz become more evident. First we see pretty, perfumed notes evolving, think musk and violets. Then the more exotic aromatics of warm, Indian spices and freshly turned earth.

The complexity is just as provocative on the palate. A lovely cooked rhubarb character adds sweetness and vibrant acidity at the same time. The sweet fruits are balanced with restraining savoury notes of cured meat and black olive.

The true feature of this wine lies in the firm, yet fine, chalky tannins which meld together with an ironstone like acidity and a long mineral finish, all of which leaves your mouth salivating in anticipation of that next taste.