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MADE FROM the Spanish grape variety Mencia, ‘The Anthropocene Epoch’ is aromatic and full of fresh, pretty aromas. Available to purchase online for only $29, grab a bottle, then grab some friends and join the online tasting, broadcast live from our Facebook page.

DURING THE TASTING you can share your experience on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtag #mytasting. Our favourite photo from the evening will be rewarded with a gift pack of d'Arenberg wine.

HOSTED BY the man behind the Mencia, Chester Osborn, you’ll hear first-hand about the traditional winemaking techniques we still use, like foot treading and basket pressing. This is the first wine in our range to be released referencing our biodynamic and organic grape growing practices on the label, so you’ll hear about that too.

BUY WINE darenberg.com.au/mytasting


JUMP ONLINE 7pm ACDT, Thursday 23 March

JOIN IN #mytasting

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THE STORY Behind the NameThe evidence of humanity's impact on the planet is so overwhelming, experts have recommended the declaration of a new geological time, the Anthropocene Epoch. Starting from 1950, this new age is defined by nuclear tests, plastic pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. Investing in many projects with environmental benefits, d'Arenberg actively seeks to reduce our carbon footprint on the earth.