Established 1912

Two New Additons to the d’Arenberg Stable

Since 1984 Chief Winemaker Chester Osborn has developed a reputation for brazenly challenging convention, going against the grain, and wearing absurdly loud shirts. Under his direction the d'Arenberg portfolio has exploded to over 70 wines and we've just released two more, the most premium wines in our 104 year history.

Our wines are known for their quirky names and interesting varietal blends, and these wines do not disappoint. Each wine features a unique and interesting label that complements the story behind their names, ‘The Old Bloke & The Three Young Blondes’ and ‘The Athazagoraphobic Cat’.

The Old Bloke is a Shiraz dominant blend with Roussanne, Viognier and Marsanne, three white Rhone varieties that d'Arenberg planted in McLaren Vale in the 1990’s. These ‘young blondes’ add fragrance, spice and length to the ‘old bloke’, which is sourced from d'Arenberg’s oldest Shiraz vines. Some might joke that the old bloke is Chester, and the three young blondes are his daughters, the fifth generation who will carry on the d'Arenberg tradition.

Each of these title characters are represented on the label as a cut out silhouette. Much like the wine itself, the four personalities are ‘blended’ together by being overlayed one on top of the other, each creating a window to the next and achieving an effect of tactility and depth.

Here's the original Old Bloke and The Three Young Blondes posing for a photo at our Cellar Door. Chester looks a bit older now, with a few more grey hairs to boot...

The Athazagoraphobic Cat is named in memory of a plain tabby called Audrey Hepburn, nicknamed Ordinary. Suffering from the fear of being forgotten, Audrey was often seen around the winery trotting close to Chester’s heels. This wine is an intoxicating blend of Sagrantino and Cinsault, native varieties of Italy and Southern France. Only Sagrantino pressings were used in the final blending, making for an intense wine with tannins and lush red fruits that linger on the palate. This wine is anything but ordinary, and much like Audrey, will be hard to forget.

The story of Audrey is literally bought to life on the bottle using a classic animation technique. An intricate design was printed on the glass, and overlaid with a spinning cylindrical label. An illusion is created when the label is turned, a cat is treading on the heels of its master’s footsteps. Unveil Audrey by watching the video here.

The pair are individually presented in paper wrap and a unique letterpress label, which features the story behind the wine and our iconic red stripe. Brimming with elegance and finesse, these ultra-premium wines each retail for $200, and are available to purchase online here.